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Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Boen Hay Bio Temple

Kelenteng Boen Hay BioTemple Boen Hay Bio is One Of Three old temples in Tangerang Region I Visit The Top End. Armed with GPS coordinates of the Information That I earn through Google search engine, then rechecked cheap at Google Map View image WITH SATELLITE, I also drove to the temple Boen Bio Hay days a few weeks ago, relying on the GPS NAVIGATION device.

NAVIGATION device led incoming toll JORR I FOR, continues to Tol Jakarta - Serpong, cheap toll at Exit Serpong Finally Goes to the North Direction. Just a few meters after the Twenty-Exit toll, NAVIGATION device to turn left I asked, in the GPS -6.308084,106.672960, into the street as far as 1.3 km A Small'll see Jl. Serpong Kingdom at the End of the Road, inexpensive day and turn to the left.

Along Jl. Raya Serpong, I see a gate on the left of the road, in the foothills of the A ring Kramat Tajug, Village Cilenggang, District Serpong, GPS ON -6.30952, 106.66251. Unfortunately I have not stopped Tomb Could this ancestor, because of rain.

Not long after I met junction WITH A monument in the middle, inexpensive device NAVIGATION I asked turning to Right, What Should I should turn back. Had strayed past the bridge on the River On The Self-wide Cisadane WITH A bad road, I turned Directions, cheap T-junction turn THAT I left.

The entrance to the temple Hay Boen Bio Just a few meters of the monument at the intersection of ITU, namely ON GPS: -6.311689,106.660582. Can I supposed to cut the road, Not Up to get a fork in the ITU monument.

Source : http://thearoengbinangproject.com/2011/06/wisata-boen-hay-bio/ 

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