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Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Tanjung Kait Pagoda

A. Glance
Tanjung Kait pagoda is one of the historical attractions are located in Tangerang District, 

Banten Province. Pagoda was built in 1792 AD is also referred to as Pagoda Tjoe Soe Kong. According to the local community, since 1960 AD a lot of people who come to worship and pray to the temple, both from domestic and from abroad. Apart from being a place of worship and prayer, this pagoda is also believed to be the place to predict the fate.
In ancient times, this pagoda is a place of refuge Bantam community when disaster strikes that caused the eruption of Mount Krakatau tsunami. Although not far from the beach, this pagoda spared from the brunt of the tsunami waves. Because as a shelter that is, the Banten community commemorate it with a set it as a historic pagoda. By the Provincial Bantam, pagoda was designated a cultural heritage that must be maintained and protected existence.B. Feature
Tanjung Kait has a pagoda springs (wells) that had hundreds of years old and is the source of life for the surrounding community. Springs water is not discharged even if taken continuously in large quantities. Many visitors who come to take water wells, because the trust contains a lot of blessings for those who use it.
Besides the existence of such wells, Tanjung Kait Shrine privilege can also be seen from the architectural style. The uniqueness was seen in two buildings such as pagodas located in front of the main building pagoda, which is almost similar to the tower of the Great Mosque of Banten.C. Location
Tanjung Kait pagoda is located at Tanjung Anom village, the village of Tanjung Kait, Mauk subdistrict, Tangerang District, Banten Province, Indonesia.D. Access
To get to the location of this pagoda, visitors can use a private vehicle or public transportation. For visitors who use public transportation, the trip can be started from Terminal Attack. From Terminal Attack, visitors can ride the bus majors Peacock-Kalideres then get off at Terminal Kalideres. From Terminal Kalideres, proceed with the bus-Tangerang City department of Earth and down in front of the Tangerang city administration. From the front of the complex, visitors can take a taxi, rental car, or public transportation to reach the location.E. Ticket prices
Visitors who wish to enter into the temple area is free of charge.F. Accommodation and other Facilities
This pagoda has a large yard, so that visitors who use private vehicles can enter and park in the courtyard of this temple. In addition, this pagoda around the page there are also many food stalls, street vendors, and telecommunication stalls. In this area there are also spacious and shaded terrace. Generally the visitors use this place to relax with a roll mat as a pedestal seat. Not far from the temple area there is a guesthouse, food stalls, and others. However, if visitors want to facilities such as hotels and restaurants, can come to the city of Tangerang. In this city there are many choices of restaurants and hotels, ranging from jasmine to the star class hotel.

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